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Make an informed decision for your home with our free sample service. Order up to six samples of your choice which will be sent to you free of charge.

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Please send me samples of

  • Oak
  • Plank
  • Oak (Outdoor & Crossley)
  • Oak (Orangery & Outdoor Brunel)
  • Conker Saddle Leather
  • Aged Saddle Leather
  • Faded Saddle Leather
  • Lime Green Cotton Velvet
  • Aqua Blue Cotton Velvet
  • Deep Damson Cotton Velvet
  • Ink Blue Cotton Velvet
  • Citrus Yellow Cotton Velvet
  • Charcoal Grey Cotton Velvet
  • Mushroom Brown Cotton Velvet
  • Natural Putty Cotton Velvet
  • Teal Blue Cotton Velvet
  • Lime Green Moleskin
  • Aqua Blue Moleskin
  • Deep Damson Moleskin
  • Ink Blue Moleskin
  • Charcoal Grey Moleskin
  • Mushroom Brown Moleskin
  • Natural Putty Moleskin
  • Teal Blue Moleskin
  • Straw Textured Linen
  • Slate Textured Linen
  • Highland Wool